Health Coaching

Lasting change takes mindset work. The same old patterns can keep us stuck even when we know we want to change. If you feel like change is too difficult, coaching might be the best option to help you reach your goals. Coaching can help distinguish between beliefs that are no longer helping you reach your desired outcome and help you generate new systems in order to have a different experience.


In other words, coaching makes change easy. Instead of focusing on the “shoulds” or on behavior modification, coaching helps change the programming that is keeping you stuck. Coaching can help you see new possibilities so you can step into, and maintain your goals with ease.

Pricing: $75 per session, or six sessions for $396 (Yoga Therapy, TRE, and Coaching are interchangeable with package rate)

1680 Akron Peninsula Rd., Suite 103
Akron, OH 44313



Tel: 478-569-6425

Appointment times are subject to availability. 

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