My Approach

One size does not fit all. Individuals with their own experiences, personalities and goals require a creative approach that fits their specific needs. I believe that in order to get optimal results, a personalized plan for reaching your health goals is imperative. Research continues to show that conventional approaches to mental and emotional health, especially as it relates to trauma, are failing individuals. This is where complementary wellness services come in. 

Many leaders in the field of trauma research are looking more and more toward somatic (physical) interventions. Our mind and bodies cannot be separated. Evidence suggests that we can shape our minds and condition our nervous system by working with our physical body. This is especially valuable for trauma survivors who have difficulty tolerating conventional interventions that may require them to "relive" their experience while retelling their story. 

Working with the body may be able to release patterns of tension and help with autonomic nervous system regulation. Learning techniques to listen and respond to your body's signals could help you tolerate conventional interventions more effectively. Some individuals may be able to learn techniques to process overwhelming experiences without relying on outside sources to manage their emotional responses. Learning self-regulation is a freeing and empowering tool to reclaim your health and maintain your well-being.  

I've found that a combination of tools, resources and applications work best for my clients individual needs. A package of six sessions can be purchased and used for various services interchangeably. This allows clients to acquire a variety of skills and develop a dynamic toolbox of resources to build resilience.

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